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Venice Travel Guide, Venice & Verona for the Shameless Hedonist

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No one should Visit Venice without first consulting this excellent guide book. The author's recommendations were incredibly useful, and to the point. Highly recommended.

Sarah R.

New York

Italy is a place that I have always wanted to go but international travel is a daunting task. While searching for guides on Italy I stumbled across this one and hit the jackpot. This guide has a wealth of information from airport information, hotel, transportation options, and restaurant and wine guides. I have looked at a lot of travel guides but this one was unique. It gave details on some out of the way places and wasn’t just another guide to the touristy areas. If you want to experience Italy like a real Italian pick up this guide. The information is invaluable for an unforgettable trip to Italy.


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A unique vacation begins with the right travel guide.


Venice & Verona for the Shameless Hedonist was written for travelers who, much like the author, seek to experience Venice and Verona in an exciting and memorable way.


Our third edition (2018) features even more unique tips and recommendations, as well as six fantastic walking tours that will reveal the city as you have never seen it before.

Venice & Verona for the Shameless Hedonist is a hugely useful resource and reference book. Use it alongside your standard guidebook to Venice, to build a truly memorable vacation. 

Venice and Verona for the Shameless Hedonist is dedicated exclusively to the finer things that Venice has to offer -- discover the best-value hotels in Venice and Verona, restaurants only the locals know about, fantastic boutiques and outlet fashion villages, fun cooking classes, helicopter rides, private after-hours tours to the city’s museums, and where to buy gorgeous, handmade Venetian masks. Find out where to enjoy a good meal with a mesmerizing view of the city, where to rent a Ferrari and take it out for a spin, and which first-rate spas offer the most indulgent pampering. Read which historic mansions and 18th century gardens shouldn’t be missed, where to find the most authentic and delicious aperitivo, how to buy tickets for the exclusive Carnival parties, and where to book a personalized rowing lesson that will turn you into a real gondoliere. Discover tiny and romantic neighborhood restaurants, the very best wine tours and tastings, secret corners of beauty in the countryside, and where to buy glorious and award-winning bottles of Amarone, Valpolicella and Prosecco (for the best prices!). And, naturally, read all about the top recommended festivals, antique markets, B&Bs, hotels, and guided hikes in the region. In short, Venice & Verona for the Shameless Hedonist is the one extra guide you need to build not just a good vacation, but an incredible one.