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Capturing little moments of Italian bliss, one photo at a time...

A glass of red wone with some friends

A cold morning in the Chianti region, Tuscany

Santa Maria del Fiore (the duomo), Florence, Tuscany

Vineyards in northern Tuscany

Loro Ciuffenna, a small town in the province of Arezzo, Tuscany

Cute wine taps, Chianti, Tuscany

A plate of ravioli is always a good idea!

Just another sunny morning in Venice, Italy...

A greengrocer, selling his produce straight off the

boat, on burano island, Venice

The Luminara festival in Pisa, Tuscany

Where to enjoy the best aperitivo in Venice

There's nothing like a good Bellini cocktail right on the Grand Canal, in Venice. #HedonistsUnite! :)

The stunning Orcia Valley (Val'Orcia), Tuscany 

A cold morning near Volterra, Tuscany 

Parco Il Pratolino, near Florence

A colorful home, Burano Island, Venice

Spring in Tuscany

Masked people walking around Venice, during the Carnival

Unique door bells in Venice

Discovering the beauty of the Prosecco wine trail,

just 40 minutes from Venice

Siena's famous Duomo, one of the most

impressive churches in Italy.